Details for application for the awards for academic year 2023-24 intending to travel during 2024-25

Applications are invited - ideally by email (but by post, if preferred) - for these prestigious awards from boys and girls for gap year projects between school and university for 2023-2024.  

These scholarships are only open to boys and girls in HMC schools.

The Trustees have agreed that one or two scholarships of £1,000 may be awarded to candidates whose financial needs are such that a gap year project would not be possible without such an award.

The Trustees have agreed that between up to 30 scholarships may be made of between £200 and £800 (GBP).



1. Name and date of birth.

2. Home address and email address - including an email address that you can be contacted on AFTER you have left school. 

3. Details of proposed gap year project. 

    a.  Gap organisation involved (if there is one).

    b.  Reasons for choice of this gap organisation.

    c.  Country for project.

    d.  Timing and duration of project.

    e.  Description of project.

    f.  Reasons for the choice of project.

4. Present school.

5. Benefit to the community of the country or countries visited.  (The project must be of sufficient length to give real benefit to a community.  The Trustees usually expect that, unless there are special circumstances, the project will be at least for three months.)

6. Finance.

    a.  Particular financial need, including family circumstances.

    b.  Cost of project.

    c.  Proposed means of raising money.

7. Achievements. 

    a.  At school

    b.  Outside school

    c.  Any additional information

8. Summary: Objectives of gap year project.

9. Any other aspects, not covered above, to persuade the Trustees to make an award.


Candidates are advised to consult the Head of their school before applying for an award, as the Administrator, after receiving an application, writes to the Head to ask for a detailed reference.

All applications should be sent by email or by post to the Administrator at the address below.

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